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Access Control & Card Readers

Grant or Restrict Access for Any Door

In Home-Elite Inc., we offer solutions for projects of any scale ranging from one home door to a businesses with hundreds of doors, gates, and elevators with access for thousands of employees with different levels of accessibility.

We customize options to your needs and your budget.

Our systems are based on the use of ciphered keys and biometrics, as well as electric locks. A special electronic controller with a non-volatile memory manages the system and stores information.

Keys for access control are individual and securely encrypted, and each key has its own schedule for opening the lock. For example, your housekeeper will be able to open the door only during certain hours of certain days of the week. Or workers of different occupations will have access only to certain offices or departments and only during scheduled hours.

We use a variety of scanning technologies.

Access may be carried out using «smart card», key tag, Photo ID, fingerprint or iris-scanning.

There are several reading technologies to choose from, including Proximity Readers, Smartcard Readers, Biometric Readers, and Hands Free Readers.

Our access control system can be part of a smart home or be part of your security system.

We provide full system integration and develop an individual scenario for each door. You can keep track of when and by who the area was accessed, or grant access remotely from your smartphone, if necessary.

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