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Digital Signage

Discover the benefits of Digital Signage technology

Static Pictures, Maps and Posters are in the past now.

Digital Signage – This is a new generation of interactive communication. They are multi-media screens displaying dynamic picture for a better transfer of information and interaction.

Digital Signage can be with a touch screen for a complete interactivity and classic glass.

It can consist of a single screen, composite screens displaying the composite dynamic image, or a network of screens located at a distance, but interconnected.

Discover the benefits of technology in business!


The speed and convenience of search!

Quick search for the appropriate store at the mall or the departure gate at the airport thanks to interactive maps with a lot of useful information that is easy to use. The map can be moved and zoomed. And while the Digital Signage is not used, it displays a dynamic advertising, which brings you additional income.

Advertising in Stores

Stay ahead of the competition!

Dynamic bright picture catches the eye. A quick and effective way of presenting information ensures that it will be noticed. Inform about new products, sales, and celebrations in your store, and you will increase the profitability of your business. In addition, you will no longer have to spend money for printing banners, their installation, and replacement. The new advertising is initiated by pressing a button.

Image Advertising

The first impression cannot be made twice!

Company logos and signs design will raise the status of your business in the eyes of your visitors. This is a revolutionary new approach to the presentation of your opportunities. Place the Digital Signage at the entrance and at the reception hall and you will be able to increase the loyalty of your customers.

The menu of restaurants

The possibility to combine the classic menu of your restaurant with a dynamic advertising your dishes and special offers make your order comfortable and enhances average sale and, consequently, your profits.

Home-Elite Inc. installs, and provides the setting and service of all kinds of Digital Signage. We will develop individual projects that meet the needs of your business at the best price.

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