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Smart Home

When talk about “smart home”, at first glance this may seem like something very, very complicated. First thing that comes in mind is a bunch of different sensors that somehow need to be connected and configured. However, in reality this is not always the case.

Home Automation will bring convenience and simplicity, open up new opportunities in the usual processes. Home automation in the "smart home" composed of interconnected systems to control the automation of the home, offices, apartments, multi-storey building. Mounting systems engineering can be performed simultaneously or in stages, that is, independently of each other, and then "linked" to a common control system. Home automation system can be operated from home or remotely via mobile phone or tablet.

What can I control using Smart Home

Smart Home allows you to combine all the internal engineering systems of house, such as:

  • lighting
  • blinds
  • climate control
  • alarm security system
  • home disaster monitoring, like fire or water leakage
  • multi-room audio and video
  • home theatre
  • irrigation system
  • swimming pool
  • door lock control
  • gate control

How to control

Smart Home allows you to manage these features easily by using:

  • touch screen on a wall
  • smart remote control, like regular TV remote control
  • mobile smartphone or tablet

How Smart Home works

The systems will be set to act according to your needs and preferences using a predetermined script.

When no one is home, there is no need to keep some features of the house running, so activating the scenario "We are not home" can be set for: lights go out everywhere, the water is blocked, the climate control is set to power saving mode. Or other settings based on needs and preferences of the occupants

When you come home, you have options to choose certain features to be activated right away such as lighting in the hall, climate control at preferred setting and other devices of your choice.

Settings can be selected differently for scenarios when only the kids are home. While convenience features such as water, climate control and lights will be active, certain options such as electric cookers or food processors can be left locked to improve the safety. An audio-video message can be sent to parents to notify them of kids arrival.

When you leave the house for a long time, you can set the house in the automatic long absence mode: completely disable the majority of engineering systems (while cooling of the house can be disabled completely, certain level of heating during winter months is recommended to be maintained). Lighting can be set to simply imitate the presence of the occupants to enhance security, while the security system, video surveillance and registration, maintenance of utilities will be in working condition.

Multi-room sound system

Favorite music, movies and TV shows are now available anywhere in your home. Come home and lean on the back of your favorite chair while listening your favorite music, and at this time, your kids will listen lullabies, that turn on and turn off automatically only in the children's room at the right time.

Everything is under your control from the easy app for your smartphone or tablet, or from the comfort control box on the wall. Just choose where and what you will listen!

You no longer need to connect more than one device to a TV. Just one cable, and your TV is "charged" with hundreds of TV channels, thousands of movies from your media library, and it's all available around the house!

Now you decide what and where you watch, with just a touch of a button!

Do not compromise with the sound quality, if there is no place to install the loudspeakers. We offer a silent install of the powerful invisible speaker systems in the ceiling and walls for perfect sound quality!

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Whole House Light and Climate control

Another advantage of installing a Home Automation Solution is Lighting, Climate and Window Blinds and Shades Control. Not only you can manage a multi-room audio system from a single interface, you can manage lighting and temperature from one device as well. You can set a schedule for when the lights turn on or off, or to preset brightness throughout the day and adjust it at anytime from anywhere. Plus, you can also create a welcoming ambiance every time you entertain by adjusting lighting in different rooms, setting a comfortable temperature, close your window shades and turn your sound system to play music throughout your home.

Home-Elite Inc. Automation packages, which suit every type of lifestyle and budget, can work in commercial and residential applications—both new construction and existing dwellings. Business and home owners in Toronto can enjoy automation solutions featuring the same centralized and remote management that is part of Home-Elite’s Automation packages. Automation options include: Multi-Room Sound, Lighting Control, Climate Control, Blind’s and Shade’s Control, Home Theatre, Universal Remote Controls and Networking. Simply choose the automation features you want, based upon your individual needs and budget.

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