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Home Automation over Internet

Smart home automation via internet

Smart homes are very popular today. They are able to provide people with all the conveniences and the home automation system via internet is very easy to implement. A smart home is a residentially automated home of the modern type, that is organized for the comfort of people with the help of high-tech devices.

The owner of the house is always able to organize comfortable conditions. And there is the possibility of remote home control through internet that can cope with the lighting and adjusting video and audio.

Remote house control through internet

A house can be controlled by a computer, in which case you need to have a smart home server system. On one hand, the server is connected to an information management system, on the other hand, it is embedded in a local home network. Therefore, the server becomes a kind of intermediary and channels the commands that you give to control devices in your house. It can also collect information from home systems and send it to you using the local network. In order to be able to control the home remotely, you must have a connection of the local network to the Internet. A desktop computer, laptop computer or mobile phone can be used as intermediary.

The same system is provided for house and it allows you to fabricate remote home control through internet wherever you are. You may turn on the heating system or keep an eye on the vital functions of the aquarium at a distance. Also you don’t have to worry whether you turn off the water and gas or not, because internet home automation can manage all these tasks in your house.

Lighting control via Internet

Talking about lighting, the system fully understands all the wishes of the house owner: the lights will be switched on and off according to the plan that the owner sets. For example, night lights will light up at a certain time and at nightfall it will turn off the light in all the rooms.

Electrical appliances control via Internet

Home automation system via internet can control all your electrical appliances. Absolutely all electrical appliances in the house such as

  • iron,
  • TV,
  • dishwasher,
  • washing machine,
  • refrigerator,
  • oven,
  • electric heater etc. will be able to work by one touch on the control panel.

Climate control via Internet

Now you can be completely indifferent to the weather outside the window, because you are able to regulate the weather in your home. Due to the climate control system you can create Mediterranean climate in winter without even getting up from your couch and you can add fresh coolness in summer. The system maintains a comfortable temperature in the rooms always. There is also ventilation control. This means that air in the room, you will not know what stuffy is.

Security system control via Internet

You can be sound asleep, because internet home automation has a very reliable security system. The safety of the territory near the house and the house itself are under the strict control of the security system.

The main task of the security system via Internet is to inform you about ongoing events in the house and enable you to control everything remotely. For example, you can turn the security system off if your relatives suddenly came to visit you but you are not at home at that moment. Or you can turn the security system on if you forgot to do it.

The system of video surveillance is working twenty four hours and you can watch all video records remotely and if it is necessary to find any specific moment that you need.

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