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Smart Home Media Control

Smart home is a unique intelligent system that makes life more convenient, comfortable and safe. Smart home system secures well organized and coordinated operation of such life-support systems of the house as:

  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • water supply
  • lighting etc.

Moreover, the system can be connected to an additional equipment:

  • audio
  • video
  • home appliances
  • security systems
  • blinds
  • shutters
  • doors
  • gates

Control of all your home systems is carried out by means of stationary or portable control panels and it can be done remotely. Regulation of the technical equipment of the house can be made from anywhere in the world through the Internet. There is a special home media control system among other intelligent systems in the Smart home structure called "Multi room". Multi room is a united system of video and audio devices control in the house.

Multi room audio and video system

The main point of this smart home audio system is simultaneous distribution of video and audio signals over the entire area of the house. Besides that, the installation of this system in a private home allows you to display the video picture and sound outside residential areas such as in a garage or basement. The technicality of the "Multi room" system works in the following way. All necessary equipment is installed in a separate room:

  • CD-player,
  • DVD-player,
  • Roku
  • Apple TV etc.

The cable from this room is laid on the walls and this cable ends in different rooms of house with loudspeakers and monitors. Loudspeakers are usually fixed on the ceiling because it allows getting a unique sound. The control of the elements of the home media control system "Multi room" is carried out by means of remote control or touch panel. Thus, the presence of "Multi room" smart home audio system in the house prevents you from installing all sorts of video and audio equipment, television, radios in the bedroom, kitchen, balconies and other areas of the house because you will use only one system. You can enjoy listening to your favorite music and watching exciting video programs in any part of the house at any time having remote control or touch panel close at hand.

The advantages of multi room system

The main advantage of this home media control system is its universality and convenience. First of all, "Multiroom" system allows you to watch TV and listen to music even in the most seemingly inaccessible places (bathroom or backyard). Secondly, "Multiroom" makes life comfortable because there is no more need to, for example, wear uncomfortable headphones of audio player. You only need to press a few buttons on the touch panel or remote control and the sound of pleasant melodies begin to run from the loudspeakers.

There is one more indisputable advantage of "Multi room" systems and that is its ability to actively cooperate with other smart home systems. That means that "Multi room" can be an integral part of the security system. For example, monitors that work in cooperation with video cameras can show who is standing at the doorstep or what is happening on the territory of the house.

Multi room system unites all video and audio recordings in one general collection that consists of thousands of audio tracks and movies, and this collection is available for watching or listening all over the house. Also this system enables you to listen to different music tracks in different rooms or you can unite these different rooms into one and listen to one kind of music. You can easily move around the house listening music and you don’t have to turn it off going out to the backyard, because it’s possible to turn it on even outside. One more advantage of multi room system is that usage of one set of sound sources located in one place helps to save money for installation and energy consumption.

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