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Smart Home System Cost

First of all, the smart home system is not just a set of sensors and screens, it is system of automated commands that make connected equipment work according to adjusted scenario. This applies to any equipment, for example, you can turn on the oven while approaching your house. Or you can switch off the light in the room without leaving the couch. You can also turn on the TV in the living room for children without leaving the kitchen. And these are only the most standard options. Secondly, smart home automatically reacts to changes of conditions in the house and other buildings. For example, it can control the air conditioning and maintain comfortable temperature for you in the room. If it becomes too hot, smart home will reduce the temperature by itself without your control.

Speaking about smart home system price, the installation, purchase of equipment and its setup are usually not so expensive, because smart home helps to save. For example, if it becomes warm in winter, the system will switch off the heating for some time. It is not very important for small apartments, but for the office or house that means major savings. Also the system of dimming is applied which means that brightness of lamps is adjustable. The lighting system is synchronized with the motion sensors, so the light turns on only in the zones where some movement is noticed and the light turns off when people leave.

Correlation of cost and features

Smart home system is universal and the smart house cost depends on different features such as:

Lighting control:

  • you can control all the lighting equipment from a single console;
  • you can adjust the brightness of the light;
  • synchronization of automatic switching on and off of lamps with motion sensors;
  • the creation of scenarios etc.

Heating regulation:

  • you can adjust the room temperature from the control panel;
  • program for automated maintenance of the desired temperature.

Water supply:

  • special sensors warn the owner about the water leaking under the sink, washing machine, bath, etc. and running of the water will be blocked by means of special magnetic valve.

Shutters and gates control:

  • shutters, doors and gates are automatically closed when you use the protection system;
  • shutters and doors are opened and closed using the remote or in-built control panels etc.

Electricity regulation:

  • timers of motion and brightness control allow you to save on electricity, because lights are lit only when it is needed and with the intensity that is required by the owner of the house;
  • electrical household appliances management;
  • kitchen and other appliances are connected to special sockets which can be controlled by a timer.

Security control:

  • integration with alarm home monitoring system
  • motion sensors
  • door/window sensors
  • smoke detectors
  • home disaster - water, freeze, heat sensors
  • alarm button for calling for help.

In average, basic home automaton for house starts from $2000 CAD, It will includes a lot of great functions. Should be keep in mind that the final cost is calculated based on the needs and the tasks. Call our professional team and get a free estimation for your needs.

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