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Multi-Room Audio Components

Multi-channel amplifier and controller

Denon multi-room receiver

The core of the system is the multi-channel amplifier, where the sound sources are connected to. Depending on the type of controller various number of different audio sources can be connected simultaneously. Multi-channel amplifier is also a controller where the speakers, located in different rooms, are connected directly. The multi-channel amplifier boosts the source signals and interacts as a matrix switch.

Sound sources

Marantz receiver

Sound sources are either professional audio components or more general sources such as audio receiver with build-in internet radio, network player, AM/FM tuner or Apple TV, computer, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray players or any other common sources.

Depending on the equipment available consumers have the choice among online services such as Sportily, Pandora, Apple music and so on.

Your smart phone or a tablet can be a sound source as well by using Bluetooth or Air play. Moreover your mobile device in this case is not just a sound source but also a remote control that gives you an opportunity to manage favorite audio collections.


High Quality Speaker System

The quality of Speaker system is a major factor in sound clarity and overall performance. We use only professional grade Speakers that are mounted in walls and/or ceiling to create perfect sound environment in every room. We will find the perfect components for any room size and make sure the installation is seamless.

Another kind of Speaker systems are the outdoor ones. The professional outdoor Speakers will provide the quality sound environment at your backyard, patio or pool in any weather conditions and will make your time outdoors more enjoyable.

Powerful outdoor Speakers can be in the shape of a rock for example, or hidden in bushes in different parts of the patio to provide rich sound field.


Audio Cable

One of the most complex parts of the installation is wiring between different system components in the house. Our professional team is always striving to find the best ways to do the wiring with minimum or even no wall cuts.

The quality of the cables is also very important since the noise level and sound quality extremely depends on that. We only use certified and high quality cables to give you peace of mind about the quality of the product you are getting.

System Controls

multi-room audio controls

Entry level systems are controlled with a simple IR remote control. You will be able to select the sound source, the room where the sound is going and control the volume. More advanced systems are using IP control. You can control them from your smart phone or by using the touchscreen installed in the room. This advanced control also allows you to control the sound sources and the volume in remote zones of your house. Moreover every room gets the control panel usually the size of a light switch that gives you the opportunity to select the sound source and volume independently.

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