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Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm Security Systems

  • A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada.
  • According to statistics on average, there are more than 150,000 illegal intrusions into private properties in Canada and almost 40,000 of them are in Ontario per year!
  • 80% of breaks-in entries happened in the daytime!Most of the breaks-in is done by beginners and not professionals without any special tools!

How to avoid being a victim?

The first thing after buying a house—to install an security monitoring system!

* — With Home-Elite Service & Warranty Plan.

Advantages of Home-Elite Inc. Alarm Monitoring System

  • We use only USA and Canada UL-listed security systems.
  • Our certified team make all installation very clean and without any house damages
  • It's fast! Typical installation usually takes less than 2 hours.Wireless solutions

Do you have finished house and there is no way to pull the wires? No problem—Our security system use not only sensors wirelessly but also the keypads, siren, gas and smoke detectors. We use long lasting lithium batteries and guarantee at least 3 year no battery replacement required, or we replace it for FREE!

No telephone landline?

No problem—our alarm systems can communicate with the monitoring station via the Internet and/or GSM cell network.

Make your home a smart one!

Add control of your thermostats, garage door opener, watch your cameras using smartphone application. Forgot to arm a house or want to disarm it and open front door for your kids? Just press the button on your smartphone or tablet with a our application. Your Home now under your Total Control!

Toronto Alarm Monitoring communication backup

Uncompromised reliability by offering all available on the market options—Landline, Internet, and GSM-Cell communication will guarantee to deliver a signal from your house to the monitoring station. If the wire is cut, the system will send a signal via the cellular network.

Widest range of alarm sensors supported

  • window/door open sensors
  • water leakage sensors
  • smoke detectors
  • natural gas detectors
  • glass break detectors
  • light sensors
  • motion sensors
  • heat sensors
  • freeze sensors

Compare Security Systems and Monthly Rates Here

Options: Connect own
alarm system
"Smart Home"
Signal transmission
Internet Internet Internet
Intrusion monitoring 24/7
Fire monitoring

Emergency “panic” monitoring

Low temperature alert support
Smoke detector support
Natural gas detector support
Flood detector support
System offline supervision

Advanced system sabotage protection

Remote Arm/Disarm system

Smartphone app Alerts & Event history
Remote door lock control
Remote Thermostat control
Remote Light control
Monthly Rate: $ 14.95
$ 19.95
$ 21.95
$ 24.95
$ 29.95
Extra options:
GSM cellular line (primary or backup)
$245 + $9.95/mo. $245 + $9.95/mo. $195 + $9.95/mo. $195 + $9.95/mo. $195 + $9.95/mo.
Video verification of alarm (up to 4 cameras)***
$9.95/mo. $9.95/mo. $9.95/mo.
$9.95/mo. $9.95/mo.
Equipment and installation cost Was $99
Now $0*
Was $895
Now $695
Was $995
Now $795
Was $995
Now $795
Call For
Special Offer!

* — With Home-Elite Service & Warranty Plan.

** — Unlocked for programming systems. Locked system’s connection from $49.99

*** —Stand-alone video only service. Includes up to 4 cameras, 250 event storage and notification. Up to 4.9GB. Add-on to ”Smart Home” Service Plan (An event can be anywhere from a 30 second clip to a 10 minute clip)

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