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How to keep your house safe while remodeling

Useful tips for house safety while remodeling

A house under remodeling is a very easy meat for burglars and other criminals, who strive to find a vulnerable dwelling. There are typical signs that the house is not residential at the moment: an unshorn lawn, finish materials and equipment are bulked outside, workers in uniforms bustling in and out, light is off in the evenings. Potent intruders will never miss such a wonderful opportunity to feast.

Remodeling is always time and money-consuming. You will be utterly disappointed having known that all your efforts were in vain. Improving your house, you must pay special consideration to its security. We have prepared for you some effective recommendations aimed to keep your residence safe while remodeling.

Arrange sufficient outdoor lightning at night

Well-lit exterior of your home is a guarantee that burglars will not slip into your dwelling unnoticed. The reasonable way out here is to have motion sensors outside – they are sold at very attractive price but will keep any law-breaker away.

Cleanness is the basic premise of security

The territory around your house must be clean and non-littered. Canadian workers and finishers adore leaving tools all around even if the working day is over. Unattended instruments, equipment and materials can be easily stolen by thieves. Always lock your property when leaving and ask the specialists to pick up their tools and store them in appropriate places, such as your garage (which is locked too, of course).

Require services of only trusted crews

Honest constructors have insurance coverage and always sign a contract with a house owner that clearly explains the responsibilities and powers of both parties in case there is something broken or stolen. It is the stark realities of life that burglars are often the workers in your house. That is why do not neglect to check the references of the company and its professionals. If possible, try to hide the most valuable things away from prying eyes during renovations and never entrust the remodelers with your home keys.

Take pictures

It is really a modern lifehack that can insure you against burglary if you hire a group of finishers. Take photos and videos of your interior before improvements and while renovations. This will be your solid arguments, if something is missed.

Find a decent security company

Often house owners cannot stay overnight at home while remodeling. Surveillance cameras and an alarm system installed by a reliable security company can become a reasonable way out to keep your house safe. This will give you an opportunity to lock and unlock your home remotely.

It is advisable to have a key-less entrance during remodeling period and set the time when your door locks are opened and closed virtually. Also you will be able to watch in online mode on any gadget what is going on in your apartments when you are away.

If your house has not been equipped with an alarm system before, it is right time to get it while improvements!

Be on good terms with your neighbors

Robbery is easy to be prevented if you keep your neighbors informed. Provide them with the detailed about the reconstruction company that you deal with, describe their uniforms and work time schedule. Neighbors in Canada always notice when something goes wrong, while you are absent.

Change door looks

Leading security companies in Canada recommend changing locks when renovation works are over. This is to dispel doubts in case some worker (or several) being dishonest. The same goes for security system – you are better off to change the code.

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