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PTZ Cameras

PTZ Security Cameras

CCTV pan tilt zoom camera, called ptz camera in short, is a type of video surveillance cameras with a motorized robotic mechanism allowing rotating the camera, tilting and zooming the image. The advantage of ptz surveillance camera systems over traditional security cameras is a 360 degree surveillance of the territory and ability to zoom in an object without loss of quality, that allows ptz cameras to replace several traditional cameras. Optical zoom lens changes the angle and field of view of the lens and zooms in or out an observed object.

Operating pan tilt zoom cameras

IP ptz cameras are operated via the control panel or special software from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Manual operation of ptz ip cameras is easy - a security service operator sits at the computer screen and rotates a pan tilt zoom ip camera in the necessary direction and zooms in an object using a joystick or keyboard. The same can be done through an application installed on a tablet or smartphone with Android or iOS.

Most rotating ip cameras ptz have the function of automatic patrolling the territory, that allows cameras ptz to move automatically along a set route. There can be from 8 to 200 presets depending on the model. Due to its auto-turn, a cctv pan tilt zoom camera rotates automatically at 360 ° upon reaching a mechanical stop and then moves along the set route.

PTZ Surveillance Camera System with Auto-Tracking

Auto-Tracking ip ptz cameras is a special software integrated into the ptz ip camera chip implementing functions of automatic object tracking and turning the camera to the way of its movement and approaching it if necessary. This function works according to the principle of reaction to the change of pixels in a certain section of the frame. In other words, when there is a movement in the frame area, the program notices it and when an object moves in space, it rotates a camera ptz after the object and stops it when the motion stops.

When a moving object is out of the field of view, a ptz camera automatically returns to its starting position. There is also an option of adjusting sensitive areas of the frame, for starting automation in case of a movement in these areas. Similarly, zones with constant movement can be set up as insensitive, where the movement is not a substantial reason for triggering the sensor, for example, an enclosure with a dog or swinging tree. Modern ptz cameras have the function of face detection with the option of zooming it in and car auto-tracking with priority of focus on its license plate.

Optical characteristics of ip pan tilt zoom cameras

For most PTZ cameras, the optical lens zoom of x4 is enough, but it can be even x40 in some models. The width of the viewing angle depends on the installed optical lens and can be of up to 90 degrees. Like fixed cameras, pan tilt zoom ip cameras can be equipped with various event sensors with reaction to motion, noise, etc. There is also a standard feature of automatically switching to black and white shooting mode when it is dark (day/night function). Among other features, all dome and hemispherical cameras ptz are equipped with built-in IR illumination lamps for night shooting in the distance of 30 to 100 meters.

Types of PTZ cameras

PTZ CCTV cameras, like static ones, have different housing versions. PTZ cameras can be categorized into outdoor and indoor, dome and hemispherical ones, but the most popular type is dome video capture ptz cameras due to their reliability as their whole mechanism is hidden under the dome. The anti-vandal housing of the dome pan tilt zoom ip cameras reliably protects them from all kinds of mechanical shocks and unfavorable operating conditions.

The field of view of ip cameras ptz can be adjusted at a right angle down and allows panning 360°. The construction of spherical dome ptz cameras allows all of them to have powerful IR illumination.

Hemispherical street ptz cameras, just like dome ones, are reliably protected from environmental exposure as all parts of the movable mechanism are hidden inside the hermetic hemisphere. The shell mechanism of cctv pan tilt zoom cameras is in close contact with the environment, so they are poorly protected from atmospheric influences. Because of this, the use of shell-type ptz ip camera is restricted to internal spaces at no adverse weather conditions, such as high humidity and dust.

Range and features of use

The rotating mechanism of pan tilt zoom cameras allows controlling the entire territory with just one pan tilt zoom. Today, this type of cameras is widely used in security systems of stores, large shopping centers, banks, schools, wherever there is a need for a circular survey of the facility territory and possibility of instant zooming in cause of a trouble.

For the most effectiveness of a video surveillance system, pan tilt zoom ip cameras are often used together with fixed video capture devices, when static cameras are constantly "monitoring" and PTZ cameras are activated if there is a need for a prompt reaction to an extraordinary event in order to obtain a detailed image with optical zoom. CCTV pan tilt zoom cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on the installation site.

Outdoor ptz cameras have a special hermetic casing protecting the device from low and high temperatures, precipitation, moisture and dust. The casing of some outdoor ip cameras ptz has a built-in heating system that ensures its smooth operation even in severe frosts. Therefore, when choosing cameras for operation in low temperatures, it is important to consider the range of operating temperatures. This parameter ranges from -50 to +60 ° C for most types of outdoor PTZ cameras.

What PTZ camera to choose

The first company to develop the pan tilt zoom ip camera was Axis, but now there is a very wide assortment of ptz cameras on the market and many manufacturers offer a wide range of PTZ cameras with very different characteristics and prices.

Here at Home-Elite, we offer our clients only professional models of ptz ip cameras with a high level of external temperature and IP67 moisture protection rating from leading brands at attractive prices. Another important thing is that installation of ptz surveillance camera systems is more complicated than of usual cameras and they must be installed by a certified specialist. We offer professional installation of ptz surveillance camera system in Toronto and GTA, as well as installation of any other video surveillance systems for private and commercial use.

Just call us and we will calculate the price for installing or updating the video surveillance system on your facility for free.

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