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Enhancing Wi-Fi Coverage

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In the last few years the speed of internet connection in Toronto Area has increased dramatically. There is nothing special about connection speeds of 100Mbps and up any more and wireless internet networks became very common. There are more and more devices in our lives that use wireless connection to the internet such as smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and many others that demand good quality wireless network. However the speed demanded is not always achieved in regular wireless Wi-Fi connections.

Why the speed of wireless network is lower than the one in the contract with provider?

Often one of the reasons is because the router that internet provider installs in the house is simply isn't powerful enough to provide quality coverage throughout the house. The other common issue is that the router is installed where the internet cable for the house is located, in most cases it's in electrical room or basement. In this case Wi-Fi network coverage will be poor because there are too many obstacles between the router and other parts of the house. Moreover entry level routers come with simple processors and begin to struggle when multiple devices with high internet traffic usage, such as devices that stream video from Netflix or YouTube, work at the same time.

The real speed of wireless Wi-Fi network depends on following:

- strength of wireless signal from the router

- distance between device and the router

- processor speed of the router

- router's antenna direction

- obstacles between the router and devices

- signal-to-noise ratio for wireless channel

- number of devices working simultaneously with the router

How to improve Wi-Fi coverage and connection speed?

Often replacing an existing router for a more powerful one is not enough because the signal is still going from the point which may not be optimal, and depending how far is device, the speed and reception will be decreasing.

At Home-Elite Inc. we know how to make sure there is strong and reliable Wi-Fi coverage on all your floors and a backyard. After completing necessary measures at how much resistance the signal is getting while travelling around the house we are not replacing the router but install professional access points to make sure there are no spots with weak signal. Usually the best location is the top floor because the signal travels much better down from the top then vice versa, and covers the house like an umbrella. Wiring is usually done inside the walls without leaving any wires visible.

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