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Proximity cards can be easily deleted or void from the system which instantly disables the user from accessing any doors. Cards can be made void through the system’s keypad or through the management software. If the system is set-up for remote off-site connection the card can be deleted remotely without the need for a visit to site. It is recommended that the card is not carried with ID badges (which could potentially display details of the premises), and that the loss or theft of a card is reported immediately.

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Biometric systems are usually more secure than the standard Proximity mean. A Proximity card can be lost or stolen and a PIN can be announced or viewed. Biometric systems are usually more expensive than PIN or Proximity systems for the following reasons:

• Hardware such as Biometric readers are likely to cost more than PIN or Proximity readers

• The Biometric software usually requires a license which is purchased upon initial setup

• There are usually ongoing costs such as Annual license fees with Biometric systems

The big advantage of Proximity over Biometric technologies lies in its simplicity. There are no moving parts, no mechanical wear, no slots, and no read heads to maintain. The reader can be concealed inside walls or special enclosures and poses even fewer problems when surface-mounted because it has no opening with which to jam or tamper.

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There are many different types of electronic locks to suit the application in which they are installed. In most cases the site needs to be surveyed prior to choosing the types of lock as circumstances such as type (single/double/inward opening/outward opening, bi-fold, roller), construction material (wood/aluminum), location (internal/external) and size, needs to be assessed before implementing the final design. For more information on types of lock click here.

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