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COVID-19 has brought significant changes to our usual lifestyle including personal and business activities. It seems certain that a lot of these changes are not going away any time soon and whether we want it or not just like we have to adapt our own lifestyle to these changes we also have to adapt new practices in the way businesses operate. In the light of new concerns businesses are facing health and safety of the employees within the company have become a milestone of business success as in some cases a single person, whether employee or a visitor, who contracted the infection may cause a chain reaction within the company which may lead to significant interruptions in operations and even temporary closure of the business for quarantine.

As the current situation goes it appears that these new measures are not in place just for the short term either. While the intensity of the spread and degree of danger of contracting the virus might slowly be taken under control the actual cure for that may still be around a year away from now as scientists predict. That means a lot of preventative measures will have to remain with us in the near future.

One of the first steps companies take as preventative measure is cleaning and hygiene habits among personnel. Secondary step could be introduction of modern technologies that can detect symptoms among visitors and personnel. Such technologies have been used worldwide to detect abnormal body temperatures of the visitors and significantly improved the individual safety in public areas and work places.

One of the relevant examples is China, that has already passed the peak of the pandemic and is now actively using such systems deployed in big organisations such as airports, transportation hubs and hospitals as well as small and medium size businesses such as car dealerships, stores and offices.

As their management personnel saw the impact of pandemic on their businesses causing many of them to stop operations and incur huge financial losses, they do everything they can to prevent similar scenarios from happening again in the future.

Here, at Home-Elite, we have been offering cutting edge security systems and access control technologies and are happy to offer solutions for contactless screening of the body temperatures for visitors and employees.

These systems can measure the face surface temperature from the distance of up to 7 meters and are suitable for screening of individual visitors as well as the flow of people.

Systems are equipped with face recognition features and in case abnormal temperature is detected they are capable of:

Turn on audio/visual notification

Have an alarm message pop up on dedicated monitor screens

Send notification email(s)

Send push notification onto mobile device(s)

If enrolled into access control system, can deny access through the door or turnstile.

Such systems can work autonomously and require personnel’s attention only when system detects parameters that meet pre-set abnormal conditions.

There are two major divisions within the systems:

Short-range (0.5-1m) single-visitor Contact-free Terminal:

Contactless terminal measures body temperature and is a great tool to be installed at access control points. Built in face recognition can quickly identify visitors body temperature and has excellent database storage capacity.

Some of the highlights of the system are:

√ Digital temperature measurement module can take quick and efficient measurements in high traffic passages. With ability to identify the visitor the unit can link the temperature readings to specified individuals.

√  Send notifications via established interface when abnormal body temperature is detected.

√  24/7 access control features with built in face recognition.

√  Ideal for high volume traffic passages.
Video information as well as screenshots are kept in the on-board database and can be accessed on demand basis.

√  Provides immediate response upon detection of abnormal body temperature.

The terminal is ideal for applications such as office buildings, events centres, airports, transportation terminals, hospitals and other high traffic volume places. Such systems can work in conjunction with traditional access control systems as an additional level of security able to timely restrict further access to an employee or a visitor if abnormal body temperature is detected.

Long range (2-7m) single/multi-visitor Thermal Camera

Safe and efficient body temperature scan in high traffic areas:

√  Thermal camera offers quick, safe and easy way to evaluate body temperature of individuals whether on their own or in groups within 2-7m distance allowing greater control of the areas where traffic volumes tend to get high.

√  Real time notifications via dedicated channels when abnormal body temperature of the individual is detected.

√  Great levels of temperature detection accuracy within ± 0,3°C (with the use of an optional calibrating device called Blackbody)

√  Built-in artificial intelligence algorithms reduce risk of false alarms

√  Convenient interface allows tracking of abnormal temperature detections to track the subject and possible contacts including the video and snapshot images.


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