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If you want to expand the boundaries of your sound environment you should consider multi-room sound system. With this advanced type of Audio System, you can share your favourite songs across multiple zones of your home for multi-room listening enjoyment. Alternatively, you can program music to stream into different rooms or zones to let individual family members choose the music or entertainment they prefer. You can also use your audio system to set up multi-room background mood music for your guest’s enjoyment during a party or celebration. Home-Elite Inc. supplies and installs the Multi-Room Audio Solution from leading manufactures including Nuvo, Nils, Russound, Denon, Leviton, which you can manage via Remote Controls, iPads, iPods, wall touchscreens or even your own smartphones. Plus, additional features can be programmed into your device to let you control lighting, climate, curtains, and screens if you choose to create a home theatre environment.

Advantages of multi-room audio system installation

Multi room audio system installation will be a great decision, because this system distributes audio and video in all the rooms and nearest territories of the house using a common set of multimedia devices. The system consists of one multi-channel amplifier, sound sources that are connected with the amplifier and loudspeakers in different rooms. As a matter of fact multi room audio system is like a few amplifiers that united in one and can be regulated from single control. The system has connection with the Internet and smart home system for its control from remote controls in different rooms, from screens and panels on the walls, from smartphones and tablets. Multi room audio system setup will help to create a desirable atmosphere with your chosen sound source, way of control and favourite music in every room.

Designing, installation and setup of multi room system

The first stage of multi room audio system installation is design. Experts listen to all your wishes, study the construction features of the working zones, make necessary measurements. Also at this stage experts select a set of equipment (loudspeakers, amplifiers, receivers, televisions, etc.) and make the calculation of the quantity and exact location of the cables. Experts make professional design with the selection of reliable equipment which will provide high-quality sound in all areas of the house. The next stage is installation of multi-room system. The control panel and the audio system are set in each room. This system can be controlled by means of wireless or wall panels or your smartphone. At the final stage experts set up and test the installed multi room system and teach you how to use it properly. Also experts make a selection of high-quality acoustic systems depending on your preferences and available area.

Multifunctional system for your convenience

The rather high cost of the project is fully compensated by the functionality and pleasant amenities which a multi room system provides. With the advent of multi room system you can get rid of the Blu-Ray player, video recorder or internet radio in every room. Multi room system saves space and adds convenience into everyday life! Also multi room system can perform some additional functions. For example, you can play a cell phone voice message via system loudspeakers as a hands-free. You can use the multi room system as a «baby monitor» and look after your children remotely.

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Multi-Room Audio with Home Theatre integration


Are you ready for a truly immersive cinema? Then the ultra-modern home theater is what you need. Surround sound and the deepest soft bass immerse you into the center of events and will allow to feel the presence of your skin!

Your TV or Home Theatre can perform as the sound source for your entire house, allowing you to stay connected with the channel even if you step out to other rooms away from TV. You can also use TV and/or Home Theatre to play content via AV wiring or home network from other sound sources that are not connected to your Home Theatre directly.

Getting Multi-room audio system will help you cut down number of different components around the house since you wouldn’t need tuners, receivers and CD/DVD/Blue-Ray players in each and every room anymore. Each component of the system is controlled from one spot (device) and all you need to do is to select the right room and press “play”.

Our professional specialists will install and setup all system’s component to ensure you are getting the best possible AV System configuration and wonderful sound all around your home.

The exact cost is based on system configuration and installation complexity.

We also offer wireless solutions for customers with finished houses where there is no option to run the wires with great new product from Denon– one of the pioneers of Sound recording and reproduction industry since 1939. This is professional system from a world leader in audio industry outperforms similar wireless consumer grade system like Sonos with superior sound quality and stays very competitive price-wise.

Home-Elite Inc. selects only the best components on the basis of your desires and budget. We make high-quality wiring and fine-tune each of your system components for perfect sound and video quality.

Multi-Room Video


Most of modern homes have 5 or more TVs, and signal source selection is not limited only to cable TV. A huge number of devices with a variety of content, like Apple TV, Roku, Blu-Ray players, have long been a standard set of top box to any TV. To buy the whole set of devices for each TV is expensive and not justified. And often, there is no place to even install them close to a wall-mounted TV.

No need to limit yourself to choosing the video sources on each TV. Simply install the multi-room video system!

Home-Elite Inc. can place all sources in one place and deliver the signal to any TV in your home, even if you have not laid HDMI video cables, and you can control everything with a single remote.

Add to the multi-room a video server system, and all of your movies, home videos, and music will be available throughout the house.

It is very convenient! You can always watch your favourite movies wherever you want or continue to watch a hockey game, having moved from the living room into the kitchen!

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