Why we recommend to buy security cameras and order the installation in one reputable company

The “Home – Elite” doesn’t recommend to purchase CCTV system in one place and hire an outside contractor to install it. There is an array of possible issues that can arise from such seemingly simple project:

1) Picking and suggesting certain equipment requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Home Elite will recommend you equipment that will fit YOUR particular needs and budget. After all not all cameras are the same.

2) Warranty claims and technical support becomes an uphill battle when equipment comes from one place and installation services are hired from somewhere else. Installers won’t guarantee or support equipment that was supplied by third party. For any of the issues consumers are on their own.

3) There is no peace of mind that if something doesn’t work after the installation the issue will be corrected. Instead consumer, as a party assuming liability for equipment, might be left in the limbo of being responsible for the installation fees, without a fully functioning system and a prospect of dealing with technical support on their own.

Here is a simple comparison of how you can approach the project when you can choose to purchase the system and find a third party to install it or to get all the services from one reputable company:

Own system with third party or DIY installation:

– If something doesn’t work the way you expected you either have to convince the installation party that it’s resulting from deficiencies in their workmanship or pay their bill and deal with supplier, which might also be an uphill battle as any additional labor will be coming out of customers pocket.

– When one of the components malfunctions, whether dead on delivery or after some time, installation party will not provide free of charge assistance in replacement of the faulty component. More over CCTV sets purchased often have to be returned as sets for exchange if there is a malfunction in one of the components within the warranty period. That means consumer might need to pay third party to uninstall the system, bring it back to supplier and pay again for installing the replacement set.

-If technical support needed, only basic help from manufacturers call center is available free of charge.

One reputable company:

– Selects the system according to your needs, does setup and programming and will provide service, support and, if needed, replacement for any component installed by the company.

-Will come free of charge for warranty related service. If component is under warranty it will be replaced free of charge.

– In our surveillance installations we don’t sacrifice quality for time and materials. We minimize the number of outside drillings and always seal them with silicone to keep moisture away. This way we can guarantee the long life span of the wires even in harsh weather conditions.

– Customers enjoy available technical support because the company knows its systems, configuration and setup.

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