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Today, a huge variety of cctv cameras and video surveillance systems, from entry level for self-installation “all-in-one” to the very advanced professional digital high defenition systems are available.However, only the high-quality setting will give you the result that you expect.

More than 15 years Home-Elite Inc. installs and maintains surveillance in Toronto and GTA, and all of these systems work throughout these years with no problems! We use only professional grade sets of cctv cameras and network video recorders that allow to record video signal 24/7 all year round in any weather condition.

In our surveillance systems even during the rain and snow, the picture quality remains very good, with the new 3D technology active noise reduction and high-speed image processor. Our security cameras are equipped with anti-fog filter, improving visibility during the fog and three image modes including two night vision modes.

Why professional surveillance sets are better than DIY (Do it yourself) sets from retail stores:

  • In our sets we choose the specific types of cctv cameras for specific spots after the house inspection is done. For example we can install 2 cameras with 90 degree angle lens for the front yard to have better area coverage and 2 cameras with 60 degree angle lens and longer focus distance on side of the house for more recording details.
  • Our security cameras are weatherproof and are rated IP66-67 ingress protection which is a measure how the cameras withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, physical impacts and vibration.
  • We choose the right network video recorders(NVR) with internal network switch. This solution allows us to avoid overload on home router with high video traffic between cctv cameras and NVR that leaves your home network fully available for your personal use.
  • Our systems are equipped with heavy duty hard drives. Rated for surveillance HDD allows continuous recording 24/7 without any lags. If necessary, it may be a pair of hard drives to work using RAID backup of your data that allows you to maintain records even if one of the hard drives fails.
  • We set up optimal programming bitrate for video streams to enhance the time of recording.
  • We program the motion zones for each channel in order to reduce HDD space usage while no motion occur in the areas specified.
  • And of course we do professional installation of all equipment with the team of certified experienced professionals.

Why you should entrust the security cameras installation to professionals only.

For consumers price is always a factor when choosing a surveillance system, however, getting the installation done by somebody with not enough skills or experience may cost you even more.

Installation of cctv cameras is technically complex process. Even a basic 4-channel system in an average house means running around 700ft of cable from the point where equipment is located (usually in the basement) to camera’s positions. Most and foremost part of running wires is avoid any damage to existing communications and house structure as well as to keep any moisture from getting in, because even one hole left unsealed will allow moisture in that causes disintegration of internal structure of the house and insulations as well as mold build-up.

In our installations we minimize the number of outside drillings and always seal them with silicone to keep moisture away.

Wiring for surveillance system

Did you know that the wires used in most surveillance installation Cat5 FT4 are not weatherproof? That means running this cable outside without any protection is not recommended. It easily cracks in cold weather temperatures and causes system malfunction.

In our surveillance installations we don’t sacrifice quality for time and materials and always use solid PVC conduits with carefully sealed connections to protect outside wiring. This way we can guarantee the long life span of the wires even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover the conduits are placed in most discrete spots in combination with our exclusive techniques to maintain appearance of the house.


Best service and quality control

As part of our quality control we ensure the system will serve the customers for many years, that is why we treat every contact with silicone for insulation and prevent any moisture from getting in that may cause oxidation. Our equipment for outside surveillance is weatherproof and is rated IP66-67 ingress protection for quality assurance against rain or snow.

For best results, we select the optimum system for your needs, calculating the required number of cctv cameras, type, lens focal length of each security camera, and protection.

Home-Elite Inc. installs the best brand FullHD, SuperHD and UltraHD surveillance systems in Toronto and Grand Area on all safety standards. Our experience and superior level of service allows us to implement the most complex projects, including houses, commercial facilities, office buildings, productions, retail businesses, and factories.

Our clients can always have online access to their video surveillance system with the ability to view the cameras from the tablet, smartphone or PC from anywhere around the world via the Internet, and access is password protected.

Also, you can watch and control your surveillance system from any TV in the house using multi-room video systems.

The image quality is always optimally programmed and reduced to save space when there is no movement of the selected areas, and raises automatically when moving.

We install video surveillance systems in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, and all other cities of Grand Toronto Area

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