Affordable Artifical Intelligence Video Security Systems

AI System is the most professional & Cost-Effective solution based on IPC and NVR. It targets medium-and-small sized system which is specially developed for commercial and public surveillance applications.

AI Motion Detection Features:

Unusual Motion Detection

UMD is an advanced AI technology that takes surveillance management to another level.

Imagine you are looking through video footage, but instead of trawling through hours of recordings to find what you need, this UMD technology has learned what to expect in any scene and will flag unusual activity to you. This means that you can do fast video search and go immediately to anything that is interesting or unfamiliar. This smart software reveals those events that might need further investigation so you won’t miss a thing!

Line Crossing Detection

Line crossing detection allows for recording or alarms to be triggered when a subject crosses a defined line in the camera’s image. This feature is recommended for monitoring the entering and exiting of people or objects across a threshold, especially in outdoor areas. This is therefore ideal for monitoring perimeter fences, walls and car parks, where you’re interested in capturing subjects moving in and out of an enclosed area. Another benefit of line crossing is that it prevents accidental triggering by moving objects that do not cross the line.

AI Face Detection Features:

Detect Dynamic Faces

Trace, detect and capture up to 5 faces simultaneously

Support up to 15m Face Recognition Distance

· Long range detect & recognize faces

· Trigger face match alarm by NVR relay output

Smart Search

· Search & retrieve face by name, time & similarity

· Playback/backup videos of the searched face results

Flexible Face Input

· Add face data from USB, mobile App, Web client & NVMS into target library as face reference

· Support 10000 face pictures storage

Track of Target Person

· Search & retrieve face by name, time & similarity

· Playback/backup videos of the searched face results

Export Chart for Analysis

Generate face analysis chart by day, week, month or customized period

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