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Commercial Surveillance Systems Installation

For more than 15 years we install High Quality Surveillance Systems in Toronto

Welcome to Home-Elite Inc. A family-owned and operated company that has been serving homes and businesses security needs since 2001. For more than 15 years we have been building strong relationships with our clientele as a reliable partner in providing modern security solutions, top rated equipment and personalized approach to our customers. Our experience counts and the quality of installation and your satisfaction is our top priority. With Home-Elite you have the peace of mind knowing that your security needs have been addressed with the most demanding standards for accuracy and quality in the industry! Sounds too good to be true? Just look at our gallery!

We install Professional Grade Security Cameras for Residential and Business needs

We offer customized approach to each project
– we will advise on specific type of camera for specific location to ensure the optimal coverage and quality
Security cameras we offer are rated for all weather conditions with IP66-67 rating
– This is a measure of how the equipment can withstand conditions such as water, dust, vibration resistance, high and low temperatures and physical impacts.
Our advanced Video Recorders (NVRs) come with internal network switch
– It prevents the stream of heavy video traffic between the cameras and NVR from going through local router so your local network is available for your personal use to enjoy.
Our NVRs come with Heavy Duty Hard Drives
– Our equipment used for recording and storage is designed for continuous 24/7 recording and is Linux optimized for smooth and uninterrupted storage of recorded data. Moreover, it allows to use RAID back up technology with a pair of Hard Drives that prevents the possibility of data loss in case if one of the Hard Drives fails.
We custom-tune each camera to ensure optimal performance
– the programming of specific motion zones for each camera and separate settings for recording segments with and without motion allows efficient space usage and extended record history.

Difference Between Regular and Professional Grade Security Cameras


More Sensitive Sensor and Better Night Vision Quality


Faster Shutter Speed to Maintain True WDR Image Quality


Longer Recording Time using advanced H.265 Coder

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

24/7 Direct Access. Fast, Reliable, Peer-to-Peer Connection

No Cloud Uploads – Secure Direct Access

High Quality Mode: Live Preview or Recorded Video Up to 4K Resolution

Slow Internet Speed Mode to Reduce Data Usage

Mix Mode: Space Saving Features Available for Recordings Without Motion/High Quality if Motion Detected

TRUE Wide Dynamic Range

Our professional grade IP-cameras with TRUE WDR functions creates overexposed and underexposed identical images at same time, which the camera will combine. It takes the most balanced parts of both images, creating the recorded image you see.

This method requires an extremely fast and light-sensitive sensor, however, and is only available on advanced professional cameras.

Why we recommend to buy security system and order the installation in one reputable company

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Our Commercial and Industrial Surveillance Projects

With 15 years in business of providing security systems for retail and commercial properties in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area we always focus on providing the best possible solutions for individual projects while direct contacts with manufacturers allow us to offer best prices in the industry

But what makes Home-Elite Inc. different is our philosophy that we don’t just install surveillance systems but develop complex approach to security of retail property that includes thorough examine of the areas that need to be covered, selection of optimal equipment and proper setup with the optimal focus distance for each camera to get the best possible angle for surveillance, programming motion zones for optimal file compression and improved length of records. In our projects we only use professional quality equipment including high-tech solutions such as 360 degree cameras that are capable to substitute up to 8 regular cameras, and professional grade hard drives with RAID BACKUP for unbeatable stability and data protection.

All equipment is protected against unwanted access and installed in secured metal racks. Moreover, to help retail businesses increase their revenue we offer our solutions at extremely attractive prices!

Our Residential Surveillance Projects

For consumers price is always a factor when choosing a surveillance system, however getting the installation done by somebody with not enough skills or experience may cost you even more.

Installation of cctv cameras is technically complex process. Even a basic 4-channel system in an average house means running around 700ft of cable from the point where equipment is located (usually in the basement) to camera’s positions. Most and foremost part of running wires is avoid any damage to existing communications and house structure as well as to keep any moisture from getting in, because even one hole left unsealed will allow moisture in that causes disintegration of internal structure of the house and insulations as well as mold build-up.

In our installations we minimize the number of outside drillings and always seal them with silicone to keep moisture away.

That’s why you should entrust the security cameras installation to professionals only.

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