09/29/2016 17:19

Hello Anne!

In regards to the brand we use variety of them depending on the purpose the camera is intended for.

We install only good quality cameras that come with 2 years warranty. The promo for IP cameras work in the way that we offer 3Mpx IP cameras at the price of 2Mpl one, usually the difference between them is around $80.

The other promo that we have that is going out is the set of 2 or 4 cameras that are 1080p, 2Mpx's with 1TB DVR installed for $995 and $1595 respectively.

Installation itself includes wiring and supplemental materials such as connectors, conduits, junction boxes and all other necessities to make installation as clean as possible. Things that can be added are HDMI extender to your TV if you would like to have separate input for your cameras there, or if you don’t have internet in your basement and we need to do an access point to have your router in the basement where NVR goes, while still covering your house with proper wi-fi signal.

Please keep in mind that there is a difference in the cost of installation if the basement is finished or not, so in order to provide you the information as accurate as possible we do an on-site inspection.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact via e-mail or phone.

Our costumers line : 416-739-7379

Best regards!

01/27/2016 00:15

A NVR can record for a few days to a few months depending on the size of hard drive and the sensitivity settings you select on the NVR. When a hard drive is full, the NVR will record over the oldest video

01/27/2016 00:14

Most cameras and NVR's have a warranty of 2 years.

01/27/2016 00:14

Yes, the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices can provide a manager or owner with the ability to monitor his business 24 hours 7 days per week.

01/27/2016 00:14

A security camera system can be viewed remotely as long as you choose the appropriate NVR and have high speed internet service.

01/27/2016 00:14

It is always best to ensure the camera field of view is adequately lit, however, with the introduction of Infra-Red (IR), lighting is not essential. Many cameras now have built-in IR illuminators which claim to produce effective images in zero light conditions for distances up to 50metres.

01/27/2016 00:13

By connecting your DVR to your home broadband or office network it is possible to view your cameras from virtually anywhere, as long as there’s a broadband connection or mobile phone signal. You can even view your cameras from your Smart phone such as iPhone or windows Mobile.

01/27/2016 00:11

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is a television system that operates on a “closed loop” basis. Unlike broadcast television, which is available to anyone with a suitable receiver, CCTV pictures are only available to those connected to the loop.

Advantages of IP systems over Analog systems:

1. IP systems have superior image quality - IP cameras can deliver high definition images of up to 8megapixels in resolution, compared to a maximum of 650TVLine (equivalent to 0.4 megapixel) in analogue cameras.

2. IP systems can use the existing network infrastructure - Unlike analogue cameras, IP cameras don’t have to be wired back directly to the recording device, they can be wired to the nearest network hub or switch and the existing network infrastructure can be used to carry video signals to the NVR, eliminating the need for un-necessary wiring.

3. IP systems have superior wireless capabilities - IP cameras have the flexibility to integrate with a wireless network and are virtually unlimited in terms of expansion. Analogue wireless cameras use radio frequencies and are limited to about sixteen cameras before they reach full capacity.

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